Saturday, February 17, 2007

Low Tide

These are pictures of a part of the old souk area of Damascus. It takes you to the Ummayad Mosque. This is early, early mornin' time. As soon as the shops open, this place is a sea of people.
Kids climbing this old battering ram like a jungle gym. Not its intended use, but when you're a kid and boredom is just a look over your shoulder, anything can be turned into a game.
Not that the Ummayad Mosque is a boring place, it's just that kids would rather play on its slippery stone floors and old giant courtyard, than marvel at its old, old mosaics and artwork.

Ummayad Mosque, Damascus

Ummayad Mosque in the old city of Damascus. Kids were running this place. I counted 8 different games of tag.